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Fighting Drinking and Driving Charges
"I reside in a province with more than its share of high profile wrongful convictions. You don't have to accused of murder to be a victim of the criminal law. This book is a revealing guide into how a charge need not be a conviction when the case is placed in the right hands."

FREE BOOK: Fighting Drinking and Driving Charges

A clear and concise guide to the issues that affect anyone charged with a drinking and driving offence. This book is written exclusively for consumers, not lawyers or judges.  It is meant to be easy to read, helpful, direct, and not filled with complicated legal jargon.

In this book you will find everything you need to know about fighting drinking and driving charges in practical, plain language.  You will learn:

  • what steps you can take right now to help defend your case;
  • what happens when the police stop you for drinking and driving;
  • understanding your criminal charges;
  • why you should not just plead guilty to your charges;
  • possible defences and strategies that can lead to your charges being dismissed;
  • the legal and financial consequences of being found guilty;
  • whether or not you are going to have a criminal record; and
  • what questions to ask before you hire a criminal lawyer to defend you.

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