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Your Defence Lawyer’s Cross-Examination Can Make or Break your Ontario Criminal Trial

In many criminal defence cases in Ontario, there may not be a great amount of evidence for the accused to bring forth in his or her own defence. The question I hear from many new clients is: “Do I have to call evidence at my trial, or can we build a defence without it?”

What Should I do If I am Arrested by the Police?

As an Ottawa criminal defence lawyer, I am often asked what someone should do if he or she is arrested by the police in connection with a crime.

If you are ever arrested by the police for a crime like …

How to Testify as a Witness in Ontario Court

Acting as a witness in Ontario criminal court is not as easy as it might look. That’s why I’ve prepared a new article for anybody seeking information and advice on this subject

Arrested in Ontario? Here’s Why You Need a Top Criminal Defence Lawyer

Self-representation in an Ontario criminal case is a risky move, and that’s why I always tell people they should get a lawyer.

Crown Disclosure in an Ontario Criminal Case

A “disclosure” is the evidence (usually documents) which supports the criminal charges against you. The crown must gove complete disclosure to your criminal defence lawyer.

Pleading Guilty at Ontario Criminal Court

You shouldn't plead guilty of Ontario criminal charges without first consulting a top criminal defence lawyer.

Ontario Preliminary Hearings Explained

A preliminary hearing is an important step for many criminal defence cases – and with the help of a skilled criminal defence lawyer, it could be the last.

Sentencing a First-Time Offender in Ontario

Ottawa criminal defence lawyer explains how first-time criminal offenders may receive a different treatment in Ontario courts, and how an experienced lawyer can help first-time offenders.

Ontario Remand Court Appearances: A New Criminal Defence Article

Ottawa criminal defence lawyer discusses Remand Court in Ontario - how is it different from a court trial? Do I need a lawyer for Remand Court?
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